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Livestreaming is what we at streaming wizard are all about, and being able to stream live broadcasts to mobile devices is simply the next step in the evolution of streaming. Considering the huge number people who own mobile devices capable of watching online videos, its clear to see that streaming to mobile devices will greatly increase your potential audience.

With our 'service only' livestreaming package we host all the connections to your live event and provide you with the details necessary to connect to our servers and receive the playback in a player, which can be hosted either on our website or your own. The encoding and recording is then completely in your hands.

However, if you choose to use our encoding services we will take video and audio feeds from your crew and our encoding engineer will take complete responsibility for setting up and managing the live streaming broadcast from your event.

Our video engineers can also provide a full range of filming services using the best available broadcast quality cameras, and will compress the video into the best video and audio formats available for the best viewing quality possible.

In all cases we can provide the player code required to embed the streaming player within your website. You can simply cut and paste this code into any web page to let visitors to your website watch your live event.

We can also archive the stream so it can be later accessed as a Video On Demand file, or downloaded.

Check our FAQ page for details about what files can be streamed, and to which mobile devices, or contact us to ask us about your own livestream.