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Livestreaming is a great way to share what you're seeing with hundreds of other people from miles away, and almost instantaneously.

However, it used to be that to livestream you would need bulky cameras and encoders, with power supplies and a plugged in internet connection.

Not any more!

The Wowza GoCoder is an inexpensive iPhone and iPad app that you can download from the iTunes online store, and allows you to stream anytime, anywhere, and in a surprisingly high quality. All you do is connect to a Wowza Media Server and press 'start encoding'!

The key features are:

- Very easy to configure and use
- Adaptive Bitrate streaming
- Up to 720p (HD) Quality
- Video Filters (Black & White and/or blur
- Front and Rear camera support
- Manual bitrate setting
- Real-time streaming
- Basic RTSP authentication
- TCP UDP Transports
- Touch to focus or expose
- Torch mode (iPhone 4 or newer only)

Your only streaming limitations with this app is your wifi/internet connection - and the device's battery life!

As a CDN, we provide full support for users wanting to stream using this app. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact