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Which mobile-devices can I stream to?

This very much depends on what video/audio format you are streaming in. If you are broadcasting an .mp4 file, then anyone with an Ipad or Iphone will be able to view the stream. However, not all phones support the same file types - for example, Android users might be able to watch a VP8 stream, but Iphone users will not. Even phones of the same make do not necessarily support the same video codecs.

What file types can I stream to mobile devices?

You can stream almost any of the standard file types - however, some phones/tablets may not support the file type you use, so your audience must be carefully considered. We will generally reccomend the H.264 video codec, and AAC audio codec.

What video/audio player will I need to watch/hear the stream?

Most smart phones and tablets come with at least one built-in player for videos and audio; but they do not all have the same player. The player you need to watch a stream depends on the file type of the broadcast. Flash 10.1 is reccomended for Android users, and iOS have their own player which we can encode for.

Can I restrict who views my videos?

Yes. We can do this in several ways. VoD files are password protected so noone other than the account holder can upload, remove or watch those videos. We can also set up a seperate webpage with a specific web address - this means only those who have the address will be able to watch the video, so the security is highly dependant on you only giving the address to the right people. This might sounds unsafe, but it is actually no different from giving you a password which could also be passed around.

We can also restrict how many people can be connected at any one time, if you are working with a tight budget, and we can also restrict access to your video to certain countries, if that is deemed necessary.

How much will it cost me?

It depends, primarily on the file size/duration of stream, the number of viewers, and how long you wish to keep any files on our servers. However, discounts are often available. If you are interested, contact us for more details and accurate pricing.

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